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BUREAU GLOBAL SOLUTIONS is a Colombian entity made up of lawyers and international advisors from both Europe and Colombia. It was established by professionals with over 10 years of experience who offer businessmen all over the world legal services and specialized solutions, hosting those who are interested in creating or expanding foreign investment companies with presence in Colombia, export their goods or services to and from Colombia and or U.S.A., using Colombia as a strategic platform for their operations. The idea was born in 2007 when our professionals started thinking of ways to trade their services abroad. Due to their effort and will to grow, today the Firm counts with licensed attorneys specialized in Colombia and the European Union.


Diligence, ideally qualified professionals and loyalty to our clients are BUREAU GLOBAL SOLUTIONS work objectives. Thus becoming the primary ally for anyone who thinks about investing in Colombia with success.






Plurinational commercial integration is the stepping-stone for BUREAU’S GLOBAL SOLUTIONS reason to exist, our goal is to work everyday seeking higher quality and our constant stimulus for growth is to become better. These are BUREAU’S GLOBAL SOLUTIONS foundations; in addition to gain each and everyone of our clients trust, who find in Colombia a benefit and a competitive advantage, which in turn is effectively evidenced in the company’s growth for which all bets are on.

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Exclusivity for Europa

BUREAU’S GLOBAL SOLUTIONS Italian and Colombian founders, who are graduated and specialized in Spain and Colombia regarding the development of practice areas from their portfolio of services, make their duties specially directed towards this triangle of business.


The experience of over 30 years of some of our professionals in legal taxation processes for business, as well as the expertise of a group of young European professionals in Spanish Law and Masters in tax consultancy and human resource management in Europe, make BUREAU GLOBAL SOLUTIONS the only Colombian company, made up of Europeans and Colombians, created and dedicated exclusively to embrace and advice businesspeople from the European Union; specially Europa who choose Colombia as destination to invest in their international commercial operations.


Our Objectives


Quality of Service


Fulfill our offered services with a high level of quality, manage effectively the satisfaction of each one of the clients who choose us and loyally support foreign entrepreneurs who bet on investing in Colombia. These objectives support our reason to exist and become the main principles that we are willing to accomplish.


Comprehensive services for European companies


BURAU GLOBAL SOLUTIONS goes beyond being a legal and tax advice office since it offers a complete and wide portfolio of services, for whoever arrives at Colombia. We become an ally who actively participates throughout adaptation and relocation of entrepreneurs, their families and their companies.


Share our experience


BUREAU GLOBAL SOLUTIONS offers professionals with 30 and 10 years of experience in tax (fiscal) and legal matters, having held offices at the Colombian National Tax Administration and having been corporate advisors for important Colombian companies afterwards. They share this experience with professionals specialized in Human Resources with labor law experience in Colombia, as well as an ex government advisor specialized in public tendering matters.


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We offer a value proposition 

BUREAU GLOBAL SOLUTIONS plans to identify real opportunities for each specific case. These opportunities include analyzing business sustainability, proposing more convenient alternatives and solutions and supporting development through the Firm’s professional’s and strategic allies, in an environment that protects the investment’s economic interest at low and convenient costs. Always supporting the investment with incentive schemes and foreign capital investment protection regulations as stipulated in Colombian law.

Loyalty to our clients

BUREAU GLOBAL SOLUTIONS knows that deciding to relocate in a foreign country, where you want to try out a new business life involves sacrifices and taking both important personal and professional risks. This is the main reason why we consider relevant to make emphasis in our commitment of loyalty that we have taken with each foreign citizen who arrives at Colombia in search of building a company, and growing personally and professionally. To us it is not only a commercial relationship, but also a commitment to develop our duties with good practices regarding social responsibility and offering cultural advice for Colombia, for an easier and safer adaptation of our new business guests. 

Our Social Responsibility Commitment



Multicultural and economic integration generated through the development of our daily practice demands social management to honestly integrate our foreign clients in a new Country, always under ethical and supportive foundations from our side; through our CSR commitment as the essence of our professional activity this has become the Firm’s social promise to OUR CLIENTS. It is our objective to care that foreign citizens who hire our services not only enjoy an excellent business consultancy service, but also receive accompaniment to make them feel safe to invest and stay in a country that has a lot to show and offer. BUREAU’S GLOBAL SOLUTIONS CSR proposal consists of preparing the future guest about everyday life, language, customs, places - important ones, recommended and not recommended in Colombia - thus optimizing his resources and feeling safe and satisfied of having chosen Colombia to invest in.


BUREAU GLOBAL SOLUTIONS in its path to present itself to the international community as a comprehensive efficient solution to consolidate open market practices between countries around the world and Colombia promised since it’s beginning to develop everyday tasks that accompany all services with defined commitments to promote activities that promote environmental solutions within its material and intellectual capabilities. With the international commercial transit that develops as a company, everyday work is put in promoting an environmental program that ties in international characters who are daily involved in all developed commercial relations, searching for political will of States and international organizations involved, as well as constantly searching for human, academic, economic and all required resources needed to fulfill our objective, studies, designs and put in place of a result with real sensitizing in benefit of the environment for citizens of specific geographical regions in Colombia are all a promise made by the firm BUREAU GLOBAL SOLUTIONS with its Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment. In this sense there is current proof that this promise is being fulfilled with the signing of the first strategic alliance agreement with the firm of Spanish Engineers located in Barcelona and Bogota named a7di INGENIERIA. With almost 10 years of experience in wastewater depuration processes, they work at job supervision and direction, health and safety coordination, environmental plan supervision and environmental program planning in Cataluña, Spain, the ally will work with us to materialize the proposed objective. As Colombia and many other parts of the world have been affected throughout the last years due to weather changes, we have to strive to prevent and work towards appropriate river channeling and conservation of renewable resources. BUREAU GLOBAL SOLUTIONS wants to be present and participate in this change to promote integration of businesses and European States in this good road to achieve important results.


Another element in BUREAU’S GLOBAL SOLUTIONS CSR trilogy aims at an economic business growth based on the search of resources from developed countries through new businesses who invest in Colombia, obtaining profits in higher value currencies through offering services exclusively specialized and unique in Colombia, thus placing the Firm in a privileged position in terms of profit and cash flow with respect to other companies who do not offer this type of services in Colombia.


We thank beforehand all those who have trusted our Firm and have joined us in one way or another and have supported the development of a company that promises each day to be highly sustainable in the future.





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